New Strategy of Islamic Terror, “Cut off Infidels Penis” (graphic image 18+)

greetings_cards-r8ee22bacf88240e7bb216aae4191428d_xvuat_8byvr_152Islam: spread by the sword, indeed. Haroon Rashid seems to have been an especially charming fellow: he also threatened to blow up police officers and later threatened a staff member at an unemployment center. In short, he seems like a ticking time bomb. It’s a good thing that the British government is in radical appeasement mode toward Muslim groups in their country, and barring speakers like Pamela Geller and me for enunciating unwelcome truths about Islam; if we were there, people like Haroon Rashid might start making reckless threats.

“Racist Muslim Jailed for Threatening to Cut Off Policeman’s Penis,” by Lewis Dean cut offfor International Business Times, February 21:

A racist Muslim who threatened to blow up police officers and cut off one’s penis has been jailed for almost three years.

Haroon Rashid was chased by police officers after he punched a man in the face with a homemade kuckle duster.

Officers took off in pursuit of the 31-year-old following the road rage incident in July last year. When they caught up with Rashid he launched into a tirade, saying: “I am going to cut off your dick, you f***ing white infidels,” Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

He also threatened to “blow them up”.

Does Jihad now include cutting off the penis of infidels?    There have been reports of this occurring in Syria with ISIS fighters.  It has been reported that after the man’s genitals are cut off, the terrorists will leave them to “bleed out” and die.  This represents a new “below the belt” torture, even for ISIS, said one Assad  loyalist.

Ten days later, Rashid then also threatened a member of staff at an an unemployment advice center with knuckledusters, the court heard.

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