Mohammed and Sex Slaves and Pedophillia (Graphic pictures)

The Islamic State Shia Muslims are using the Koran and “Sharia” to justify the rape and molestation of prepubescent children and young women over 10 who are considered ready for sex. They point to Islam in order to justify what the civilized world counts as barbaric acts of violence on children and women.

751According to an October 13 report in the Telegraph, Islamic State jihadists have given detailed theological reasons justifying why they have taken thousands of women from the Iraqi Yazidi minority and sold them into sex slavery.

A new article in the Islamic State English-language online magazine Dabiq not only admits the practice but justifies it according to the theological rulings of early Islam.

“After capture, the Yazidi women and children were then divided according to the Sharia amongst the fighters of the Islamic State who participated,” the article says.

As for “theological reasons” for sex slavery “according to the Sharia,” these are legion—from male Muslim clerics, to female Muslim activists. Generally they need do no more than cite the clear words of Koran 4:3, which permit Muslims to copulate with female captives of war, or ma malakat aymanukum, “what”—not whom—“your right hands possess.”

The article continues:

But most of it [Islamic State “article” or fatwa] is devoted to theological justifications for Islamic State behavior, citing early clerics and the practices of the Prophet Mohammed and his Companions during the early years of Islamic expansion.

Indeed, while many are now aware of the Koran’s and by extension Sharia’s justification for slaves, sexual or otherwise, fewer are willing to embrace the fact that the prophet of Islam himself kept and copulated with concubines conquered during the jihad.

One enigmatical or little known story about Muhammad’s sexual domination of young women and women-abducted-by-the-islamic-state-feared-trapped-in-sexual-slavery-1410376595children is especially mind-boggling, to say the least:

During Muhammad’s jihad on the Jews of Khaybar, he seized for himself from among the plunders of his war was one young woman, a teenager, Safiya bint Huyay. When Muhammad had heard of her beauty, the prophet reneged on his promise to give her to another Jihadist and took her for himself.

Muhammad “married” Safiya hours after he had her husband, Kinana, tortured to death in order to reveal hidden treasure. In addition, the prophet ordered his jihadist to slaughtered Safiya’s father and brothers. Safiya was now an orphan and widow.

While Islamic scholars and apologists have long tried to rationalize this “black stain” on the Prophet, do this by saying that Muhammad gave her the honor of “marriage” to him as opposed to being a concubine or “sex slave”. In order for her to “have this privilege” they diminish the fact that she had to convert to Islam from the faith of her husband and father who were Jew in order to have this opportunity. She opted to convert to Islam rather than to be ravaged as a “sex slave”—they habitually fail to cite what Islamic sources record, namely Baladhuri’s ninth century Kitab Futuh al-Buldan (“Book of Conquests”).

isis child rape bought as slaveAccording to Baladhuri’s narrative, after the death of Muhammad, Safiya confessed that “Of all men, I hated the prophet the most—for he killed my husband, my brother, and my father,” before forcing me to “marrying” (or, less euphemistically, raping) her.

The historical sexual escapades of the founder of Islam undoubtedly motive and justify ISIS sexual perversions. Muhammad seized for himself as rightfully earned her as a part of the “ill-gotten gains” (or ghanima) of being a conqueror. Could sexual gratification be motivating in part the “conquering hoard” of ISIS fighters across the Middle East? After all, the Koran limits them from taking these perverted liberties with a Muslim woman or child. And, according to authoritative Islamic sources, she detested him for it.

Why does the western driven “International Court” and the UN not charge ISIS and its fighters with _77406576_77406575“war crimes and crimes against humanity? If the brutality of ISIS (beheading children, rape of young children etc.) is not a war crime, how do they justify going after others?

The fact that this incident is regularly cited by former Muslims as one of the greatest stories that convinced them that Islam and Muhammad are not of God is never mentioned in the western press. However, the west is quick to condemn Catholic Priests who used their position in young boy’s lives to rape them? This is hypocritical at best!

As one may assume, Muhammad has not been alone in the rape of children and women. For example, Khalid bin Walid in the “Sword of Allah” is considered a great hero for ambitious jihadist around the world when he raped another woman renowned for her beauty, Layla, right on the battlefield! However, he only took her after he beheaded her “apostate” husband’s head, then it on fire, and cooked his dinner on it in front of her. With all of the images of carnage that are promoted by ISIS on the internet it is easy to assume that many of the men that are being killed are the husbands, fathers and brothers of beautiful children and women who they lust after. However, they would never be caught committing adultery with a “married woman”. The moral ISIS child victum“gymnastics” of the Jihad crazed terrorist excuses the most inhumane and deviant perversions recorded in history.  In the name of Allah, the Koran and Mohammed they commit pedophilia, torture and murder of babies, children and women.  These blood lust driven perverts called ISIS are committing extreme atrocities that rival or maybe even exceed the barbaric stories of Adolf Hitler. The only difference between the Jihad and the Nazi “military machine” was the Nazi ability to hide their crimes for a time as well as a more efficient and professional military that was able to conquer vast territories in Europe with little to no opposition.

If this is how Muhammad—whom Koran 33:21 insists Muslims to emulate any and all of his ways which includes murder, rape, pedophilia, selling sex slaves and the slaughter of innocence in the name of Allah because the conquered are “infidels,” should there be any more surprise concerning the actions of jihad especially al Qaeda and its affiliates as well as the Islamic State’s behavior? What do the so called “infidels” in the United States, Great Britain, France, German etc. think the Jihadist are going to do to their wives and daughters or to them.

History records how effective “appeasement” is when dealing with despots! Nevel Chamberlain, the angry-mob-rape-india-east-midnaporePrime Minister of Great Britain in the years prior to WWII used a tactic of appeasing Hitler as he marched across Europe slaughtering hundreds of thousands as well as starting his murderous rampage of the Jewish people. It is estimated that 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. Six million of these were Jews.  What was the cost of appeasement policy of Chamberlain? In World War II, there were 15,000,000 battle field deaths, 25,000,000 battle wounded and 45,000,000 Civilian deaths which include 1.1 million children and two-thirds of all the Jewish people who lived in Europe, a total of 6 million Jews and 5 million others were exterminated in Hitler’s “final solution” driven concentration camps.

Chamberlain refused to stand up to Hitler early and, as a result, Hitler came to disrespect the resolve of the Western European powers. President Obama and the west have taken Nevil Chamberlain’s “play book” and have instituted a policy of “appease and contain”. Will that be the policy of the leaders in a few years when the savage behavior of ISIS and al Qaeda is on the doorsteps of Europe and the US? Read about “Obama Just Borrowed Neville Chamberlain’s Favorite Strategy”.

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