ISIS Planing Dirty Bomb Attack on London!

e26e71048b81d5fb6a869357d1dd0b56Latest reports coming out of ISIS controlled media indicates that the so-called “Islamic State” is preparing a “dirty bomb” filled with radioactive uranium to bomb London, England!  Recently, several media sources quoted from ISIS-allied websites claiming that the Islamic State has constructed a “dirty bomb” after stealing 40kg of uranium from al-Mosul University.

A dirty bomb is a speculative radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with conventional explosives. The purpose of the weapon is to contaminate the area around the dispersal agent/conventional explosion with radioactive material, serving primarily as an area denial device against civilians. It is however not to be confused with a nuclear explosion, such as a fission bomb, which by releasing nuclear energy produces blast effects far in excess of what is achievable by the use of conventional explosives.

So what would the effect of a dirty bomb attack be on the city of London? A dirty bomb explosion dirty_bombs_compact_01would cause chaos wreak havoc on the city of London. Even a simple explosive and some industrial radioactive waste like what is produced in hospital x-ray machines would have a tremendous impact on the city.   The gruesome reality of the dirty bomb or chemical weapons attack would create a global panic that would exceed that of 9/11 and send Western nations into panic.  Fear of an immanent attack by ISIS terrorist attack on the UK are running at an all-time high due to the latest revelation of stolen uranium.

The discovery of the deadly poison ricin in a London flat years ago caused heightened concerns and former PM, Tony Blair said it was not a case of “if” but “when”.   The inevitability of ISIS to project it’s war on the West to the streets of London with a so-called dirty bomb has put the city of London on high alert.

The dirty bomb is perhaps the least understood of all terror weapons, but the research done by the BBC for a TV movie on the subject brought to light the full horror of how a dirty bomb attack might affect London. The purpose of this type of device is to create psychological, not physical, harm through ignorance, mass panic, and terror. For this purpose, dirty bombs are sometimes called “weapons of mass disruption”. Additionally, containment and decontamination, of thousands of victims, as well as decontamination of the affected area might require considerable time and expense, rendering areas partly unusable for many and causing tremendous economic damage.

hqdefaultOnly four months after the 40kg of uranium and other chemical materials were reported missing from the University of al-Mosul, ISIS militants appeared to make threats and hold online discussions on social media regarding the destruction that such a bomb would wreak in London.

Muslim-al-Britani, an ISIS-allied account on Twitter posted today before it was suspended “By the way the Islamic State does have a Dirty bomb. We found some radioactive material in al-Mosul University.”

Noteworthy, ISIS has seized a military base in northern Iraq last June, which contains Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of chemical weapons, including hundreds of warheads containing sarin and mustard gas.

The weapons of mass destruction memo prompted Iraq’s United Nations ambassador, Mohamed Ali Alhakim, to write a letter to the globalist organization’s boss, Ban Ki-moon.

“These nuclear materials, despite the limited amounts mentioned, can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts,” Alhakim wrote.

The Iraqi government claims IS militants seized nearly 90 pounds of uranium at a research right at your door 2center at the Mosul University when it swept through northern Iraq earlier this year.

In July, the United Nations’ nuclear agency downplayed the threat posed by the “low-grade” nuclear material.
Muslim-al-Britani’s Twitter page showed bomb schematic before his account was suspended.

The supposed threat is based on tweets posted by Muslim-al-Britani, aka Hamayun Tariq, who is described by some as an “explosives expert.”

A former British car mechanic and ex-con who went to prison for defrauding banks, Tariq joined IS after fighting with the Taliban for several years in Waziristan, Pakistan. He allegedly wrote that the Mujahedeen Explosives Handbook and has dabbled in crude toxins and poisons. Tariq is an expert at “smuggling” and could find a way to get the bomb into London experts fear.

bomb“O by the way Islamic State does have a Dirty bomb. We found some radioactive material from Mosul University,” Tariq boasted on Twitter before his account was suspended. “We’ll find out what dirty bombs are and what they do. We will also discuss what might happen if one actually went off in a public area. “This sort of a bomb would be terribly destructive if went off In LONDON because it would be more of a disruptive than a destructive weapon,” he wrote. The bomb itself would not produce massive property damage, however, the uranium isotopes. The following map is an illustration of the impact of a dirty bomb on London.

The threat posed by the type of uranium stolen from the university in Iraq would be far more lethal
than previously estimated.  The feasibility of IS and radical jihadist acquiring nuclear material capable of posing a significant threat to the United States is minimal but it is far more likely to reach Europe and specifically London.

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