Beheaded by ISIS (Graphic 18+)

700 Christians Beheaded by ISIS in Syria

ISIS trophy heads of ChristiansAbu Hamam, Syria  News outlets are reporting that over 700 people in a largely Syrian Christan community were reportedly shot, beheaded, and crucified by the ISIS in August and is now the largest Islamic State massacre this year.  It is time for the people in the west to see what it looks like for a person to have their heads chopped off and the brutality of the ISIS terrorists rather than turn away and act like nothing has happened.

Based on reports from the The Washington Post, the inhabitants of a Christian village were members of the Shaitat tribe located in Abu Hamam. The report says that although the massacre was seldom reported on by international news outlets, it becomes a clear example of how grim it is when the media refuses to report the persecution of Christian martyrdom in Syria and Iraq.

As The Washington Post reported, many anti-Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq are calling out for more cutoffheadsisisaid from the U.S. in order to fight ISIS but the requests unheeded by President Obama. News of this massacre comes as international media outlets continue to report on fighting in the Syrian border town of Kobani.  The recent “airdrop” of aid by the United States is more “window dressing” by the Obama administration for the upcoming elections in the United States. Locals have been battling with the Islamic State militants for power of the crucially-positioned town for over a month.

Turkey announced recently that it will be allowing Iraqi Kurdish forces to cross over its border to fight Btav22-CIAAdiGL.jpg-largethe Islamic State in Kobani. “Turkey has no wish to see Kobane fall,” Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told BBC News. However, no Kurdish forces from Iraq have been seen in Kobane yet.

Kurdish officials insist that fighters in Kobani really need are stronger weapons, not more manpower, something the Obama administration had no problem giving the Iraqi government who ran as cowards from ISIS forces left advance military hardware behind. Ismet Hesen, a senior Kurdish official working in Kobani, told BBC: “If any force would like to come to fight with us here, forces on the ground doing the fighting here should be consulted first.”

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