About Christian Martyr Watch

cyber_attackChristian Martyr Watch is dedicated to investigating and reporting the plight of the persecuted church by telling the world about the ultimate sacrifice made by the hero’s of the Christian faith and their testimony to the world. Christian Martyr Watch has  Christian reporters imbedded in Muslim nations, China and other oppressive regimes keeping us updated on the latest sacrifes made by Christian Martyr’s.  Men, woman and children are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for their faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ through persecution and death.

The Holy Scripture teaches us in Hebrews 13:3: Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

Christian Martyrs are not forgotten

All around the world tens of thousands of Christians are persecuted each day for their faith.  10557385_717070171692984_1371161110999172133_nThousands are killed by inhumane and barbaric murderers in the names of their gods or political causes.  Several hundred million Christians around the globe are currently suffering oppression for their faith.  Most often persecution takes the form of imprisonment, cruelty, and hostilities. In some cases, however, Christians are forced to face more than contempt, jail, or the loss of health—they face death for being a Christian. Often they face forced conversion and must choose between converting to Islam or death.

These individuals are modern day Christian martyrs of our faith. Jesus said in Matthew 10:39 “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

During the first century, almost all of Jesus’ disciples suffered martyrdom for his sake.  For example, Peter was crucified upside down, Mark was torn to pieces, and Paul was beheaded. As Christianity spread throughout Asia, Europe and the British Isles, countless numbers of Christians were tortured and burned at the stake. The story of Jim Elliot and four others who ventured into the Ecuadorian jungle, never to return reminded the church that the ultimate expression of faith could still be required of the true believer. Church history reminds us of the great price that belief in God may demand and the great impact that such a sacrifice can have.

against-the-mennonites-foxes-book-of-martyrs-1050x784Church history is still being written today. More and more Christians are being forced to choose between their Savior, Jesus Christ or death. The internet reports that many Christians martyrs, those who give their life for their faith are being slaughtered. Parents who will not renounce Jesus and accept Jesus are forced to watch their children, even babies heads being cut off and driven onto a spike before they face their own cruel death.

Every year and on every continent men and women face persecution and death because of their belief in Jesus Christ.  These Saints are the Christian martyrs of this century. They are the fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children who have lost their lives for the sake of the gospel.  Around the world the bright light of their ultimate expression of faith and love continues to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord. Their testimonies express the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit as He gives to everyday Christians who chinas harvest11need His supernatural faith and courage as the face being slaughtered because of their faith.   The impact of their testimony and faith are having the opposite effect on the body of Christ than the persecutors intended. The satanic attack upon Christians and the effort to intimidate Christians into renouncing their faith is failing with the unintended consequence of proclaiming the God given gift of courage and trust in the Living God.

Their stories should not be forgotten but shouted upon the house tops in every nation.

cropped-cropped-sharia-unveiled-950x200-new-31.jpgThe Christian Martyrs Watch Mission Statement

“Investigate and report the story of the Christian martyr and share it with the world”.

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