2014- Terror Photo Gallery In Review (GRAPHIC CONTENT) 2014- الإرهاب معرض الصور في مراجعة تحذير المحتوى الجرافيكي

The old adage that  “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that a complex issues can be conveyed with just a single still image.

The Angel of Kobani

The Angel of Kobani

The concept is visually conveyed in this years “pictures in review” of 2014 terrorist attacks upon the world.  Words do not convey the sorrow and grief felt by millions around the world as Islamic terrorist indiscriminately rape and slaughter woman as well as little children in their “blood lust” they call Jihad الجهاد.   No one is safe  with such evil on the earth.  Terror has touch people in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and beyond.  Humanity has been touched by the deadly incidents who origins are found in Islamic terrorism.

ISIS ramped up the gruesome image of terror with the indiscriminate beheading and crucifixion of babies, small children, women and the old.  They butcher Christians, Muslims, Kurd’s, Jews and other religious minorities by tens of thousands.  The blood of innocent martyrs that soaks the ground for justice like the “blood of Abel” when his brother Cain murdered him.  ISIS and  and their affiliates have declared war on the free world.  No one is safe anymore.  If you are in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, sitting in a coffee shop in the capital of Australia or shopping in a luxury mall in Kenya, there are radical Muslims who will risk it all to try to destroy your life.  It is now a fact that the world cannot ignore ISIS and other extremist Muslim groups who want to install a “Islamic Caliphate” on the rest of the world and impose their perverted moral ideology on the rest of the world.  The world ignores the sexual deviants and sick freaks who are raping children, cutting of babies heads, slaughtering babies, children, mothers and old people in some type of serialized sexual deviant fantasy to get their “rocks off”.  These are the sickest of the sick.  The world had better not ignore these sick freaks or they will face seeing their own children raped and murdered as their homes are pillaged on the streets of their cities and towns.  If the world does not respond in strength to destroy these bastards, their sickness will spread across the globe.

Even in traditional “safe areas” found in the police state of Communist China with its massive “security

The most gruesome photo of 2014

The most gruesome photo of 2014

apparatus”  Beijing has felt the sting of Muslim extremists.  The “Global War on Terror” refereed to by President George Bush has now become a “global war” with the feckless leadership of President Obama and other Muslim sympathizers and the world has become a more dangerous place to live.

The  impact of Muslim extremest like ISIS has only increased with their seizure of billions of dollars from Iraqi banks as well as advanced United States military hardware seized when it was abandon by the Iraqi Army as the soldiers abandon their post in fear.   If you are in a shopping mall in Nairobi, riding on a bus in Israel or standing guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Canada your life can be at risk.

boko-haram-victims-007This speaks nothing of the precarious and very dangerous places found in the Middle East, Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Russia, China, Malaysia and 150 other top terrorist locations in 2104.  In our effort not to forget the Christian Martyrs and the innocent people who have been sacrifice in the name of radical ISLAM and ALLAH, we have assembled the 2014 Top Terrorism Photo’s Gallery to “remember the ultimate sacrifice being made by people around the world”.  WE CANNOT FORGET!!!

Please be advised that these photo’s are as gruesome, wicked and loathsome as the bastards isis group photothat committed these despicable acts!  Heaven awaits the righteous dead and HELL is not hot enough for the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.  (This gallery of shame will be undated daily through December 21, 2014)  If you can leave us a comment, we will open the comment section of our blog until then.  We pray for you and the peace of our world in the new year!Islam-religion-of-peace1-610x400LiveLeak-dot-com-c32_1418097596-nasr-bin-ali-al-ansi-al-qaeda-yemen-host_1418097596siria-10TOPSHOTS-SYRIA-CONFLICTkilled by ISIS Massacre-Deir-Ezzor 10410201_729599993729390_2136408312120398238_n slave-market-isis index 1408660860809.jpg-620x349 mideast-iraq 120441 gaza2 LiveLeak-dot-com-2b9_1404443893-Bq7qyziCcAA2zCXjpglarge_1404448358.jpg.resized syria-army-soldier-executed-in-idlib-16 syria-army-soldier-executed-in-idlib-06-500x666 Btav22-CIAAdiGL.jpg-large fogel_toddler Bvbagu5CUAA7l0H.jpg-large-e14084954175641 child victims shotgun-wound-face-gruesome-victim-

Syrian beheaded14065695941961_700isis child rape 1

beheaded 002hamas-hangs-childrenlittle-girl-crying-39-resizedchild rape murder victumchildren slaves ISISisis-sells-women-being-sold-in-mosuliraq-child

_77406576_77406575islam lesbiansmuslims-christians-quran-bible-baghdad-iraq-120110jpg-ca7df782193ee1b0obama-isis-iraq-terror529b6ff4b4184b35bb53abb8Child-Brides2-300x225isis-beheading-a-child-1children slaves ISISrape victumchristian women raped by ISISpublic rape by isisLiveLeak-dot-com-c32_1418097596-nasr-bin-ali-al-ansi-al-qaeda-yemen-host_1418097596dead childrenreal_islam1


5-year-old-cut-in-halfSyrian beheaded140704-isis-music-cover-10a_31d581ed0a8c52e5a780b47e622d1d77tumblr_inline_n3bamt01oy1s85hz510557385_717070171692984_1371161110999172133_n

beheading-isischildren-killed-in-iraq (1)14065693001961_700

Iraq soldier beheadedbeheaded 001



ISIS child victumISIS child rape victumisis-christians-3women-abducted-by-the-islamic-state-feared-trapped-in-sexual-slavery-1410376595Isis-beheads-4-360nobs.jpg-4.jpg-..1402868323477_wps_32_Adra_6_months_and_her_motxisis-child-sun-ramadan.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.RPAai2C_C1m3jh-300x225Haj-Amin-al-Husseini-and-Adolf-Hitlerthumb_c147

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