10 year old Martyr nicknamed “Baghdadi’s Puppy” (Graphic Content 18+)

Video Is Vile and Disgusting

The Islamic State terrorist organization media and promotion section recently posted a tribute video on Baghdadis puppy dad and sonYou Tube in an effort to honor of a 10-year-old who they say is the youngest “martyr” to die to help ISIS “conquer territories” across Syria and Iraq. Muslim leaders around the world have called it ‘barbaric” and “child abuse”.  The video was taken down after 75,000 hits but Martyr Watch has obtained a copy on LIVE LEAK (SEE VIDEO)

The little boy, who they called “Abu Obadya al-Abassi”, had been nicknamed “Baghdadi’s puppy”after Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  ISIS has claimed that “Baghdadi Puppy” was brought from Saudi Arabia by his father to join him in Jihad by joining ISIS in Syria. It was reported that the little boy was killed in a US air attack on ISIS military units along with his father, even though no evidence has ever been offered to support the ISIS claim. Some Middle East experts believe that it is all a way to recruit Shia families to allow their young children to be used in “martyrdom operations”. ISIS uses stories like this for advertising and enlisting support for their cause.

Baghdadis puppy deadMany are doubt the authenticity of the You Tube clip of the “Baghdad Puppy” dressed in military fatigues and carrying a weapon. However, others are saying that they would not put it past ISIS to sacrifice their own woman, children and babies to further their sadistic cause. ISIS has already proven to be sadistic and ruthless savages who systematically behead babies, children and young people as well as rape babies and small children. Some are now claiming that they have replaced Hitler as the most despicable and loathsome despots in modern history. Others believe that the carnage has just begun. ISIS has stated that they will do the same to every man, woman and child they conquer in their quest to rule the world.

This past August, the UN Human Rights Council issued a report detailing how various armed groups in Syria, including Islamic State, are enlisting children to fight in combat.


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